A Natural Remedy For Stomach Aches

A Natural Remedy For Stomach Aches

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My mom is my role model.

Besides being beautiful she is wise, creative, and strong.

The other day I was chatting with family at her house, and we got onto the topic of stomach aches.

And she shared these wide words of how she remedies her stomach aches every time naturally… and it was so good I had to share with you too.

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My Mom’s Secret Remedy To Heal Her Stomach Aches:

“I stop to ask myself what’s bothering me and then my stomach stops hurting.”

Often, stomach aches are not about analyzing what foods we should have ate, or not ate… or even what over the counter remedies we should take to ease the pain.

But simply tuning in to ask ourself… what is it that I need to hear from my body.

This is the work of Listening To Your Deepest Cravings.

What is your body trying to tell you today, love?

When you act too hurried + shush her, she speaks up. She might even get a little angry… (rightfully so), and make things uncomfortable in your body until you *do* hear her. Like with a stomach ache.

And for this you gotta love her (your body that is). Because she doesn’t settle. She is not okay with being silenced. And her sole purpose is to look out for you and fight for what’s best for you.

Is your stomach ache her way of getting your attention?

Perhaps you should listen to her.


-Heather (and my wise mom)

Written by Heather Rampolla


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