Heather Rampolla is a self-trained artist. Her preferred mediums include fine art photography, graphic arts, and acrylics. She lives in Tampa, FL with her husband.

HeatherRampolla_PhotograhpyHer art inspires women to listen to their deepest cravings and heal their relationship with their body.

Her background as a women’s emotional eating coach led her to the discovery that cravings reached much deeper than just food. Often cravings served as a voice that some area(s) in life needed loving attention, and yet food was used to shove down this inner voice.

Her work explores sensuality, emotions, expression, intuition; and playful color— as a way to visually show how to unbox the feminine nature once quieted.

When she’s not making art, she’s managing Real Estate with her husband.

Artist Statement

My art making is my storytelling. For me this work and the topics I explore are very personal. Yet I don’t create just for me. My creative work is meant to inspire. Through the intimate glimpses of my story, I aim to give you permission to pause and look deeper into your life. To remind you that you’re the author and heroine of your life story…. and that you’ve always been.

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